Hi, I'm Queenette Nwobodo, a Life Strategist and Counselor. 

I help women radically boost their self-love and confidence so they can win at love and enjoy life. After working with me you overcome the empty and lonely feeling that stems from abandonment and rejection. I help you interrupt the negative chatter and mistrust that's keeping you stuck and alone. If you're ready to increase your self-love and attract true love then we are a perfect match.

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Discovery Session is a 90-minute intensive that helps you identify and clear up what's blocking you for being happy. You will get an evaluation and a Success Plan (step-by-step action plan) so there's no more guessing or trying to figure out what to do next. You walk away with the tools needs to feel confident and empower to attract love and live a fulfilled life. 

 Praises: Happy Women Winning At Love & Life!

Prior to Date Like A Queen, I had no knowledge of how to relate to the opposite sex. I was competing with the actions of other women who I thought were winning at love. I had just experienced the worst year ever in relationships, and knew that if I wanted the love that I deserved I had some inner work to do. I could not have asked for a more solid and thorough approach that led to my healing and understanding of dating patterns, loving myself, and the male psyche. 6 weeks later, I am now one thousand percent ahead of where I was just a few months ago, and I am ever so grateful, and seriously ready for the right type of love.

~ Shenelle. W., Founder/Editor-in-Chief

"The Date Like A Queen" program has sincerely blessed my life. The saying is so true that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Queenette is a God-send. Her kindred spirit, transparency and grounded personality made the lessons easy to understand and relatable. Queenette's level of devotion and compassion to help purpose-driven women is evident on the Q&A calls. She was patient and empathetic to our needs. There was never an issue not addressed. She gave us the tools to effectively deal with past issues in order to lay the framework for healthy relationships and prosperous future marriages. I wish the course was longer and cannot wait to begin our one-on-one coaching together. I would highly recommend this program to any woman ready to heal and attract the love they truly deserve. You will not be disappointed!"

~ J.C., New York

As an ambitious working professional, finding the time and patience to date has been challenging. In all honesty, it's just not a priority. Just the thought of carving out time to attend parties, networking events and navigate the enigma called online dating is all a bit overwhelming and not to mention intimidating! This is where Queenette does her best work. She customizes a realistic, actionable plan that not only adapts to your schedule but challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone. Results? I’m a great relationship with a great guy. Couldn't be happier. Thank you Queenette for your thoughtfulness and ingenious planning!

Mary. A., Website Development Director

My Discovery Session with Queenette was a real breakthrough for me. She helped me pinpoint the actual problems embedded in my story. Even though I was under emotional distress, and overwhelmed before talking with her, after doing the exercises that she gave me, I felt refreshed. She is absolutely great at what she does.

Thanks Queenette for your help!


Real, open, honest...These are the qualities you get with Queenette. She's not here to sugar coat anything. She tells it like it is in the most straightforward, but thoughtful manner, providing you with opportunities for personal growth. As long as you trust the process, you are ensured that you are on the path to a strong, committed and healthy relationship.

Adaeze, School Counselor

When I need unbiased and concrete advice, I always reach out to Queenette. I love how she doesn't take any sides, she's very objective and neutral. Speaking to Queenette in my times of need was very liberating, informative and therapeutic. She gives customary advice, never generic which you can sometimes get from others. She takes the time to listen. She knows how to give you a different perspective on every situation you throw at her.

Rosie, Senior Administrative Assistant

Queenette's advice has given me the confidence to realize my worth, clarity on what I deserve and hope for a brighter future. Most importantly, her words of wisdom have given me the ability to realize the importance of self-love. This has allowed me to dodge awful relationships and become more focused on my needs. Her services have definitely contributed to my growth as a woman. And best of all, she's real and honest with you about everything! I am so grateful.

Latoya, Public Health Administrator

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